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Birding with Mark

There is nothing like spring birding!  A long winter of anticipation ended.  In the spring with migration at its height in May the possibilities for sightings are endless.  But birding is a verb not a noun.  It’s the process, the activity of birding that is so much fun.  You never know what you may see or hear.

Warblers are my latest passion.  Moving about in the trees and under the brush, never quite holding still long enough for that good clear look.  even the chance at a photograph,can be a supreme challenge.  But, is it ever worth the effort.  The color variations.  The hope of seeing a rarity.  All adds to the thrill.

Not only warblers but vireos, flycatchers, sparrows, orioles, rose breasted grosbeak, tanangers, bluebirds all a possibility for that first sighting.  I have found it is not only the sighting but also the listening for these varied species.  Sound is quite often more important than sight when the leaves start to sprout out and become an obstacle to seeing.  Luckily there are phone apps that can help with this such as Cornell Labs -  Merlin Bird ID.  Get out there and enjoy this wonderful resource prominently on display at our KRLT Nature Preserves such as Kelly Creek. For directions to this and other KRLT Nature Preserves click on the Visit The Kinni section of the website.

Mark Ritzinger 

Board Treasurer


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