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Kinni Explorers - Summer Phenology Hike

What is Phenology? Studying the change in nature during each season. Seeing the color of the leaves change in the fall, hearing the spring frogs croaking, and watching for the migrating birds to come back in the warmer months are all great examples of phenology!

Join Explorer Jane and Explorer Molly on a summer phenology hike at Kelly Creek Nature Preserve! What do you think we will find?

Now it’s your turn, explorers! Get outside and take a walk or hike and pay attention to what you are seeing and hearing in nature.

Write it down: Click below to download and print your own summer phenology report or take a notebook or piece of paper with you and write about it. Need some help? Ask a parent or guardian to document your adventure!

Summer Phenology Worksheet (1)
Download PDF • 391KB

Share it with us! With a parent or guardian's help, send us a picture of your phenology findings by emailing it to or

Remember to Keep Exploring!


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